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LED LightsLED Lights - LED Lights are often used as small indicator lights on electronic devices and increasingly in higher power applications such as flashlights and area lighting.

Personal LED lights you can use in many occasion and situations. You have LED candles to decor your house, headlamps for some works, also emergency LED lights.

Personal LED gathers several models of LED lamps and lights you can use in many occasion and situations. You have LED candles to decor your house without the risk to set it on fire, headlamps for some works you need both hands, also emergency and warning LED lights you should have for those unexpected moments.

LED flashlights can be significantly more efficient at lower power levels, hence use less battery energy than normal light bulbs. Such flashlights have longer battery lifetimes. LED flashlights are good example of personal LED lights and the many uses they could give us.

There are mini flashlights and light-up pens, very useful when repairing things like a computer's CPU; large flashlight and lanterns you could use when go to camping. There are other models for special proposes, like UV LED flashlights and night flashlights.

Personal LED Lights

Aviator Pack

Product #906111
The Aviator Pack was originally developed to provide the pilot with a self-contained unit for all of the things that a pilot would require associated with cockpit lighting when night flying with NVG. It provides a neat rugged package to keep all of the products together and minimize damage to any of the pieces while in the flight bag.

The kit contains the following lights and accessories:

  • Lip light MK3 NV green.
  • MK8 Glowland bright green; a marker and illumination light for signaling featured and map reading.
  • MK8 finger light NV green.
  • Titan MK1 model A, white; combines many features of our successful finger light and lip light products. The Titan is easily fitted to a finger, wrist or helmet using the supplied accessories.

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Personal LED Lights

$118.89 each kit
(US Shipping)
Buy Online Here

LED CandlesCandles - LED candles capture the elegance of wax candles in a flameless, everlasting LED candle. They come in many shapes, sizes, and even fragrances. Buy LED candles online, also bulk discounts.

LED HeadlampsHeadlamps - Some models of LED headlamps, LEDs that go in your head, wholesales of LED head lamps, bicycle headlamp models, all of them available to be purchased online.

Light Up LED PenLight Up Pen - Here are some models of light up LED pens, LED color pen, LED pen lights, infrared LED pen, ultra violet LED pen, all of them available to buy online.

LED FlashlightsFlashlights - There are many models of LED flashlights. Super bright LED lights, LED mini flashlights, combo flashlights, military, tactical and law enforcement flashlights, among others.

LED Emergency LightsEmergency Lights - LED emergency lights you need to have near by in case of many emergencies you could have, vehicle emergency lights, warning lights, strobes, personal lights and others.

All prices and information on this page was submitted on January 2008 - Check product source for any changes.

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Streamlight Flashlights - Large selection & inventory of personal LED lights, including LED tactical flashlights, super bright military, rechargeable flashlights, headlamps, emergency LED lights and more. Online orders, US shipping.

Lumastrobe Warning Lights - LED emergency lights, strobe lights, warning lights, LED police lights, aircraft warning lights, flashers and portable lighting. Online orders, International shipping.

S-Lite - Check more information about the Aviator Pack, personal LED lights. Online orders, US shipping services. Some items are restricted to military or law enforcement only.

More Personal LED Lights

Inova 24/7 LED Flashlight LED Emergency Light

The Inova 24/7 LED Flashlight LED Emergency Light integrates eight steady and signal light functions in less than 3"x2"x1". It's a strobe, an emergency beacon, a flashlight, a handheld, a clip-on, and a headlamp all in one with a combination of white, red and amber LEDs. The Inova 24/7 LED light projects pure light up to 75' and offers up to 2-mile signal visibility from LED lamps powered by a best-in-class lithium battery (up to 15,000 hours of power).

Led emergency lights
LED Emergency Lights

$45.00 each
(International Shipping)
Buy Online Here
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