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LED LightingLED Lighting - LED lighting technology lets you save energy, protect the environment, reduce maintenance costs, and provide better light quality for improved visibility and safety.

Many people opt to use outdoor LED lighting because LED lights use very little energy, is environmentally friendly, has long life and provides pure light.

While outdoor lighting can turn your home into a beautiful showpiece at night and provide additional security, it can be expensive to power. Typically, outdoor lighting uses a number of high-wattage bulbs to provide enough light to the desired areas. If the lights stay on all night, every night, a hefty increase in the electric bill will make you look twice at the cost. Forget to turn the lights off in the daytime and the cost is even higher. Many people buy solar-powered landscape lighting to combat the electrical costs.

Led step lights (Click to enlarge)
Outdoor LED Lighting - Step Lights

Many people opt to use outdoor LED lights because it uses very little energy, is environmentally friendly, has long life and provides pure light. If you are planning to start a LED outdoor lighting project, you must consider these solar LED lights.

Led outdoor lighting landscape lights (Click to enlarge)
Outdoor LED Lighting - Landscape Lights

When landscape lighting matters, use spotlights to draw attention to trees or flowers and to create silhouette effects that cast light behind the object. Choose "up lights" at the base of walls, trees and other objects for a dramatic lighting effect. Choose "down lights" to illuminate wide areas and walkways and to increase security. Here are some models of LED landscape lighting.

Led outdoor lights
LED Outdoor Lights

LED House LightsLED House Lights - LED house lights use very little energy, is environmentally friendly and has long life. There are spot lights, step lights, recessed and under cabinet lights, among many other models.

Solar LED LightsSolar Lights - Solar LED lights, from Christmas lights to marine LED lights, charge them at day, can shine all night long. Perfect for use outdoor, you won't need any wires.

LED Landscape LightingLandscape Lighting - LED landscape lighting for those who want a special fixture for applications anywhere above ground, in ground, on decks, in ponds and pools, in water fountains and water falls.

All prices and information on this page was submitted on February 2008 - Check product source for any changes.

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LED Outdoor Lanterns

P5548 - Lakeland Outdoor LED Pendant
  • Part #: 2495161
  • LED hanging lantern with etched glass in Brushed Nickel finish.
  • Dimensions: 11.625" height, 9.75" diameter, 87" overall height, 15 feet wire length.
  • Voltage: 120 volt.
  • Listing: UL LED.
  • Warm-white 3000k color temperature.
Led house lights (Click to enlarge)
LED House Lights

$500.94 each
(Worldwide Shipping)
Buy Online Here

LED Outdoor Wall Lights

Hybrid Solar LED Black Finish Outdoor Wall Light

Item #63718
Light your porch or patio area with this energy efficient outdoor wall lamp that features solar powered LED lights. High tech energy efficiency meets classic traditional styling in this new wall light design. A solar panel on the top powers four long-lasting (up to 50,000 hours) LED lights that provide dusk to dawn lighting.

Solar led lights
Solar LED Lights

$69.99 each
(International Shipping)
Buy Online Here
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