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LED LightsLED Lights - LED Lights are often used as small indicator lights on electronic devices and increasingly in higher power applications such as flashlights and area lighting.

LED lanterns for camping and other uses. Powerful LED, compact LED lanterns, different models and brands, online available. Links to more personal LED lights.

Garrity LED Lantern

This LED lantern comes with 4 Ultra-Bright LEDs with very cool prism to disperse light evenly, multi-function light switch allows 5 different settings including emergency slow or fast flash mode! Shatter resistant case with built-in hanging handle and clip. LEDs produce very little heat so lantern is completely safe for kids.

  • Model # K013GST02A
  • Garrity 4 LED prism lantern.
  • 4 ultra bright nichia LEDs.
  • Last 200 hours on high (100%) / 800 hours on low (25% power).
  • Uses 3C batteries included.
  • A 3 level battery power LED meter (lets you know when its time to change batteries).
  • Smart-LITE 5 function switch (High/Medium/Low/Slow & Fast Flash).
Garrity led lanterns
Garrity LED Lanterns

$34.95 each
(US & Canada Shipping)
Buy Online Here

Essential Gear 12 LED Lantern

Model # EG13012

The Essential Gear Lantern comes with 12 Ultra-Bright LEDs, On/Off "dimmer-style" control knob for fully-adjustable brightness and water resistant case with built-in hanging handle. LEDs produce virtually no heat so insects aren't attracted and lantern is completely safe for kids. Energy efficient LED bulbs last Over 100,000 hours. Using 4 "D" size batteries, total burn time is over 12 days, or up to 40 hours on its brightest setting. Specifications: product size - 8.75"h x 4.5" base diameter (222mm x 114mm). Weight - 2.5 lbs with batteries. Bulb type - 12 x 05mm white LEDs.

Poweful led lanterns
Powerful LED Lanterns

$44.95 each
(US & Canada Shipping)
Buy Online Here

LED Emergency LightsEmergency Lights - LED emergency lights you need to have near by in case of many emergencies you could have, vehicle emergency lights, warning lights, strobes, personal lights and others.

All prices and information on this page was submitted on January 2008 - Check product source for any changes.

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The LED Light - Check some other models of LED lanterns, power outage lamplights. Online orders, wholesale discounts. International shipping services. www.theledlight.com

Cool Flashlights - Check more models of LED lanterns for camping, powerful lanterns; Garrity, Essential, Coleman and other brands. Check also LED flashlights, headlamps, bulbs and others. Online orders, international shipping. www.combathunting.com

REI - Electric lanterns, camping, powerful, compact LED lanterns. Also other products for camping. Online orders, international shipping. www.rei.com

Compact LED Lantern

A dynamic personal camp lantern offering the efficiency of LED technology with our classic styling and function. A two-position switch lets you choose from normal power or extra-bright while our inverse conical reflector bathes your tent, the picnic table, or the campsite in bright white light. 4 AA batteries with a run time of 250 hours. This compact LED light (from Brunton) is built tough for the outdoors. Use two in 4x6 tent and you'll have plenty of light. A "must have" item for every backpack, or camping gear bag.

Compact led lanterns
Compact LED Lanterns

$38.00 each
(Bulk discount available)
(International Shipping)
Buy Online Here

Coast Camp LED Lantern

Safe and easy to use, the Coast Camp lantern throws plenty of bright, white light without propane, matches or flames.

  • Item 760174
  • Weatherproof and shatterproof construction makes the lantern ideal for power outages, emergencies, camping and backyard parties.
  • Four D batteries (included) provide 80 hours of operation on high and 200 hours on low.
  • Dimmer switch controls light output and helps conserve battery power.
  • Indicator light lets you know when the batteries are getting low.
Led camping lantern (Click to enlarge)
LED Camping Lantern

$99.95 each
(International Shipping)
Buy Online Here
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