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Personal LED LightsPersonal LED Lights - Personal LED lights you can use in many occasion and situations. You have LED candles to decor your house, headlamps for some works, also emergency LED lights.

LED candles capture the elegance of wax candles in a flameless, everlasting LED candle. They come in many shapes, sizes, and even fragrances. Buy LED candles online, also bulk discounts.

LED Battery Operated Candles

Floral Embedded Real Wax Battery Candles

Real flowers are embedded in the wax of these unscented battery operated candles. Sold as a set of 3. They have the glow and flicker of a real wax candle. Flame free, smoke free, safe for all ages. Great for dorms, nursing homes and patio fun. Use a LED bulb, wireless, unscented, candles are 3 inch diameter x 6 inch tall. Each candle comes with a drop in 3" tall votive type tea light. Uses 2, AAA batteries, also included. Versatile 3" votive can be easily removed and used separately if desired.

Battery led candles
Battery LED Candles

$29.95 (set of 3)
(Bulk discount available)
(US & Canada Shipping)
Buy Online Here

All prices and information on this page was submitted on January 2008 - Check product source for any changes.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Battery Operated Candles - Check some models of battery operated LED candles available to buy online, taper candles, wireless, votive, window candles. US and Canada shipping services. www.batteryoperatedcandles.net

Ledtronics - More about the flameless LED candle fickers like a real candle, including pictures, dimensions and how can you use it. Online orders, International shipping services. www.ledtronics.com

1000Bulbs.com - Check other models of LED candles, wireless, battery operated candles. Online orders, US shipping services (continental and outside). www.1000bulbs.com

Color Changing Candles

Pillar Vanilla LED Candle

Everlasting 4 inch vanilla scented pillar, wireless, battery operated candle. This candle is made from real wax with flickering LED lights. Glows like a real candle. Color changing option allows you to to match any decor. You can turn the color changing off, or set it to cycle through all the colors. A button on the bottom allows you to stop the color changing at any point to lock the candle into a specific color.

Led wireless candles (Click to enlarge)
LED Wireless Candles

$9.95 each
(Bulk discount available)
(US & Canada Shipping)
Buy Online Here

More LED Candles

Flameless Candle Flickers Like a Real One
  • Item: LED-CANDLE-001W
  • Flame flickers like real candle.
  • No smoke or carcinogens to worry about.
  • No fire hazard or burning.
  • No hot wax to deal with.
  • No flame to blow out in the wind.
  • Typical LED lifetime 100,000 hours.
  • Comes with frosted candle holders.
  • LED and battery case is ABS plastic.
  • Small on/off switch.
  • 5 LED candles per package.
Led window candles
LED Window Candles

$19.95 (each 5)
(International Shipping)
Buy Online Here
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