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LED Auto Light BulbsLED Auto Light Bulbs - Check some LED auto light bulbs replacements, automotive interior light bulbs, license plate light bulbs, 1157 bulbs and other replacement bulbs for your vehicle.

Auto lights, 1157 LED bulbs model. These are LED light bulbs with 2 contacts at the bottom who fit into a 1157 base, commonly use on vehicles. Check super bright models, they come in many colors.

These are LED light bulbs with 2 contacts at the bottom who fit into a 1157 base, commonly use on vehicles. You could check other automotive LED lights here. Other LED auto light bulbs here.

1157 PCB series LED Lamps

  • Item: 1157-PCB-W36
  • White LED lamp .
  • 15mm Bayonet base with 36 LEDs designed for restricted access and right angle applications.
  • Wide 100 degree beam pattern.
  • Available also in red or amber.
  • 12VDC 1157 base (dual intensity) with 1-1/2 square LED cluster.
1157 led bulb pbc
1157 LED Bulbs - PBC Series

$19.95 each
(US Shipping)
Buy Online Here

Indicator / Tail / Stop Light Bulbs

2X19 White Turn Tail Light LED Bulb Bulbs

Item: 1157 2057
This pack of two high quality LED auto bulbs will give your car that extra glow whenever you use your indicator, tail, or stop lights. These two white lamps have a total of 19 long-lasting bulbs in each. Is super bright, long lasting, fits just like a normal bulb (Bayonet style fitting).

1157 replacement led bulbs (Click to enlarge)
1157 Replacement LED Bulbs

$19.95 each pair
(US Shipping)
Buy Online Here

All prices and information on this page was submitted on January 2008 - Check product source for any changes.

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12 volt. 1157 LED Bulbs

Super Bright White 1157 LED 12v Bulbs

Model: 1157LEDW
The LEDs are ideal turn signal replacements, and can be used in other locations on your vehicle as well. LED bulbs use less energy and produce less heat than standard bulbs, in addition to lasting up to 5 times as long. Come in 6 different colors

Super bright led bulb (Click to enlarge)
Super Bright LED Bulb

$12.50 each
(US Shipping)
Buy Online Here

High Power 1157 LED Bulbs

1157 LED Dial Auto Replacement Upgrade Light Bulb

Item: 107022
Super bright amber 1157 luxeon 3 watt LED automotive light bulbs (OEM light bulb). Push in bulb double filament. Manufactory part no: 1157, 3496, 2057, 1142, 12499, 12594, P21/5W.

Luxeon build in led 1157 bulb (Click to enlarge)
Luxeon build-in LED 1157 bulb

$35.90 each
(International Shipping)
Buy Online Here
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